Letting go and Letting in.
Saturday: 29 June
Time: 1 to 3.30pm
Investment: $50
Combining Yin Poses with self-applied pressure to the associated tethered spots and trigger points,  assists to enhance the function and flow of energy pathways through the  joints and the fascial network of the body.
In keeping with the winter season, this workshop will focusses on the elements of metal and water and the Lung/Large Intestine and Bladder/Kidney meridians. These meridians and their organs, reside over the emotions of grief , fear, sadness, will power, generative force, discipline, instinct, inspiration and protection.
In yoga, these qualities relate to the Yogic Yamas ( moral disciplines) of Aparigraha (not grasping, non attachment ) and Bramacharya (right use of energy.)

This workshop will provide space for you to let go and allow in, determine boundaries and find structure.

We aim to provide a supportive space with assistance from two teachers, while moving through a sequence of Yin poses with suggestions and help on how to apply appropriate MFR techniques with Tennis balls and other props.
Please bring 2 x tennis balls and 1 x long sock.
To register please email fureys@kinect.co.nz and please pay to account: 38-9004-0840024-00
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