Welcome to a new yoga year at TYC.

Please go to https://taurangayoga.org.nz/memberships/ to you purchase your TYC membership.  This process registers you as an ‘Active Member’ on the TYC database and once the process is completed you will receive  your TYC membership number.

When you attend a class you will need to show your COVID19 pass to the Teacher and fill-in the class register with your name and member number. The Teacher will verify that they have sighted the pass by marking the book.  You will only need to show the COVID19 pass the first time you attend a  class in Term 1.

Casual attendees and those with concession cards, will need to show the teacher their COVID19 pass each time they attend a class and then fill-in their details in the Casual attendance register.

Please remember the TYC H & S requirements for the ‘COVID19 Orange’ traffic light. –Scan in ; stay a metre apart and please wear a mask into the centre to your mat and out of the centre when you exit.

Thank you