Namaste to all New and not so new members/casuals:  Here are a few things we can do to help create a peaceful and welcoming yoga space for all:

· Arrive early – Yoga is a time to honour your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Don’t short-change yourself by showing up late. Out of respect for your instructor and your fellow students, arrive a few minutes early and get settled. And remember, if your class is popular numbers may be limited for safety reasons.

· Enjoy every moment – Please stay for the full length of your class and if this is not possible, please let the teacher know before class.

· Choose the right class for you – A beginner class is for people new to yoga, less regular practitioners, those looking for a more gentle practice or returning after a period away from practice or after an injury/illness. An intermediate /experienced class is for people with at least one year’s experience who practice regularly.

· Park wisely – Please use the TYC parking spots (not our neighbours!) and park cars close together. It’s also helpful to leave quickly after busy classes to allow incoming yogis to find a space. Try to carpool, ride a bike, or park further away and walk to your next yoga class!

· Get comfy – Slip off your shoes at the door and wear modest, comfortable clothing to class.

· Keep things tidy – Please return equipment after every class – fold blankets and stack blocks neatly.

· Mind your scent – Please pay attention to your personal hygiene before stepping onto your mat and avoid wearing strong perfumes as people may be sensitive or allergic to certain scents.

· First time? Please let us know if you’re new to yoga, have any injuries, if you’re pregnant or have a medical condition. Practice safely and keep an eye on fellow yogis too.

· Watch the windows and ropes – Keep in mind windows shouldn’t be used as support during yoga practice and if you’re using the rope wall make sure you have direction from a teacher.

· Share the space – Make room for your fellow yogis, avoid stepping on mats and respect the quiet.

· No phone zone Truly devote yourself to practice and turn off your phone or leave it in the car unless you’re using it to show the teacher your purchase .

· Use the changing rooms – Please keep your car keys, water bottles and extra clothing off the kitchen bench, reception desk or floor. They’ll be safe in our changing rooms.

· Yoga is a discipline – Please respect and follow your teacher’s instructions. Feel free to ask questions after class and during – but keep chatter to a minimum.

· We love kids but… it’s not appropriate to bring children to classes. We welcome older secondary school students and full fees apply.

· Pair work is up to you – We often work in pairs to enhance learning but it’s not compulsory. Please let your teacher know if it’s not your thing and they’ll find an alternative posture for you.

· Hands-on help – As well as verbal instructions, your teacher may give a ‘hands on assist’ to help you gain a deeper understanding of an asana (pose). If you’re not comfortable with this practice please tell your teacher before the class. Have Fun!