Tania Hanna

Tania has been practicing yoga for the last 25 years and within that time travelled to the U.K and attended various classes and workshops.

I think I have said this many times–when I first tried yoga I loathed it! I’m not sure why I went back for more because it used to irritate me. Maybe being 14 and having a mother who was a teacher –had something to do with it.!

Gradually however, I started to ‘get it’ and I kept going because I became aware that I was just feeling better. Initially it was the physical aspects and then I realised I was experiencing mental/emotional benefits as well. This is what keeps me motivated to do my practice.

All the wonderful teachers at TYC helped me through my teacher training and I attend regular ashtanga workshops to assist my ongoing practice and development as a student and a teacher.

What I love about teaching at TYC is the ‘grass roots’ no ‘fancy pants’ feeling.  Just be who you are and come along. I also love the mix of yoga styles that are taught at TYC. I enjoy a vinyasa flow –where you get hot and focus on breath and movement. To me, living yoga in everyday life, means living how I feel is true for me and letting others do the same.