Tabitha Gwynne

Tabitha was introduced to yoga as a child, and remembers being fascinated watching her ex ballerina mother balancing on her head. ‘We knew not to interrupt when the door was closed and the strange yoga music and incense wafted under the door’!  It was not until her Mum dragged her to a yoga class aged 17 that she began to appreciate the power of yoga.  ‘I was struggling to deal with the pressure of school exams and yoga showed me a way to relax and develop confidence’.

Tabitha has trained as a teacher under the Satyananda Yoga tradition, learning from teachers who work with the Bihar School of Yoga in Northern India. She enjoys Classical Hatha Yoga with the rich practice if offers in a traditional context. ‘I appreciate the holistic system of self-care, both physical and mental’. Favourite Quote: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ Mahatma Ghandi