Scott Milham

Scott is a past student of TYC and an ex-professional ballet dancer. He performed with Hong Kong Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, Australian Opera, Footnote Dance Company to name a few and was also a teacher and examiner for the British Ballet Organisation in NZ and the UK.

Scott started his journey with yoga at 19 while dancing in Hong Kong. He has studied with T.K.V. Desikachar and Erich Schiffmann and holds certificates totaling over 1500 hours. He also studied Anatomy at New Zealand Acupuncture School.

A recommendation from Erich Schiffmann:.” Yogiraj Scott Milham has been a student and friend of mine for years and years and years. He’s a Freedom Yoga yogi to the core. He knows that discipline culminates in intuitive practice, and that intuitive practice culminates in an intuitive guided-from-within lifestyle. Scott lives this way and can help you do the same. He is one of the most gifted yoga teachers I have mentored, and I am thrilled every time we have had the opportunity to teach together.”