Louise Thompson

Louise was introduced to yoga as a child by her grandmother, who showed her how to practice Viloma breathing.

“We’d walk around on our knees in padmasana (lotus) together,” says Louise, a qualified physiotherapist who moved to the Bay in 2006.“I ‘found’ yoga again when my children were small and saw it from a different perspective; an ancient practice with current anatomical understanding.”

She recently studied through the IYTA programme and loves her new role at TYC.

“TYC has been ‘my’ centre since coming to Tauranga. The teachers supported me while I was training and I am honoured to join them,” she says. “I love teaching yoga because it brings beneficial change to people in their body and mind with subtlety and yet those changes may be profound.”

Favourite quote: “True Yoga starts with radical self acceptance where you are fully present with what is, observing the self without judgement. When the body knows that the mind is kind, it will open and release” (Richard Faulds)