Brigid Macalister

Brigid has a keen interest in supporting people with specific health and wellbeing challenges through yoga.
She studied yoga teacher training with John and Lucy Scott (Ashtanga Vinyasa) and Ashram Yoga in Auckland (based on Paramahamsa Satyananda’s system) and has been practicing for many years. These yoga qualifications combined with a background in occupational therapy inform her teaching style.

Brigid chooses to teach at TYC because she likes the feel of it. “It’s practical down to earth, has good quality teaching and a clear community ethic. I love that TYC has a strong philosophy of non-aligned yoga. It allows me to teach a style of yoga that is authentic to me.”

Brigid believes in ‘functional yoga’ that can be accessible for every person regardless of age or ability. “We need to keep it simple and natural enough to incorporate into daily life. For me, yoga is like flossing my teeth – its a daily activity that’s important for my general health and wellbeing.”
Favourite quote: “All in divine order”

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