Saucha,  the first of the niyamas, is loosely translated as purity or sometimes as cleanliness. It’s about purity of energy, in our own home space and our yoga home. It’s about the way we organise and maintain our space. That is saucha in action – the recognition that everything has it’s place and there is a place for everything. How we leave the yoga space -is how the next student finds it.

How we fold our body matters and how we use and fold our blankets matters. We learn how important it is just to stand (Tadasana)and sit (Dandasana). This is not about the ‘perfect’ pose its about self care and self awareness. Intention and attention matters –‘form matters’.

So thank you for being tidy, for not walking on another students mat, for cleaning up behind you and for parking carefully.

Namaste. TYC Committee