HATHA is the preparation of the body and the breath for Raja Yoga, the yoga of knowledge. It is related to our mental sphere and the Moon. TANTRA is cultivating power and auspiciousness, or we can call it the Science of Energy Management and it is related to the symbol of the Sun, and in the later stages, Fire.

Following the MOON / SUN / FIRE system of Tantric Hatha, we can begin to understand the magic of the subtle realms, refine our time on the mat, practice more elegantly and teach more efficiently.

Tantric Hatha wants to guide us to complete mastery of practice and life. Like everything else in Yoga, it is a very simple system to follow. PRACTICE IS THE KEY.


Over two talks of two hours each, we will share a clear understanding of the following fundamentals:

  • Essential elements of Tantric Hatha
  • Moon Sun Fire Philosophy
  • Samkhya Philosophy
  • Seven Stages of Hatha Progression
  • Basics of teaching Tantric Hatha

And to give a tangible experience of this Science of Energy management, we will take two practices:

  • 90 minute Moon practice
  • 90 minute Sun practice


SATURDAY AFTERNOON: 3pm – What is Tantric Hatha – 2 hours  6-pm – Moon practice

SUNDAY: 11 -12.30pm – Sun practice: 1pm – 3pm – Teaching Tantric Hatha – 2 hours


Contact Sue @  or 022 350 3891

Investment: $180, full workshop, 7 hours

Reservation and then Payment will reserve your space.