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Insidious stress disrupts our sleep, spawns negative thoughts, and even alters our breathing, thus affecting our overall well-being and health. Yoga proves to be a powerful solution, supported by hundreds of scientific studies. Join us to explore these benefits through techniques targeting specific muscles and nerves (dynamic sequences, rooted postures, mindful breathing, and deep relaxation) and discover the keys to releasing tension and cultivating serenity. Unlock inner peace and make yoga a pillar of your lifestyle hygiene!

Your instructor, Stefan, has a profound passion for yoga and is certified by the European Union of Yoga. He draws inspiration from renowned figures like Desikachar and Kalu Rinpoche. Over the last decade, Stefan has been teaching yoga and meditation and organising retreats all over France. His overall holistic approach aims to nurture the body, breath, and mind, offering transformative classes for a wide audience.
Restoring harmony between mind and body to favor serenity. More info: visit www.mlyoga.co.nz

Time: 1.00 to 3.30pm: Cost  $35

To register, please email: info@taurangayoga.org.nz
Pre-pay to account number: 38 9004 0616591 00 Ref: Stefan