Ballet dancers are known for their good posture, which is why it’s no surprise that former professional dancer Scott Milham is focusing on alignment in his one-day workshop at TYC next weekend Sunday 7th November.

In this workshop Scott will be offering the knowledge and understanding of alignment through the practice of asana and pranayama. He will also be exploring- how to align and honour the philosophy of yoga -in our daily lives- in the 21st century -in this changing environment. The workshop will consist of two major components.

  • The first is an exploration of asana and the understanding of alignment through a series of asana. This will be approached from a fundamental point of view of the skeletal structure being the foundation or solidity of the body.
  • Then an in-depth investigation into how to combine the study of pranayama and its relationship to the energy of the body and in particular the muscular system which supports and aligns the bones.

Sunday 7th of November: 10am – 2.30pm 

Cost: $60 per person

Register for the workshop by emailing: and please pay into TYC acc: 389004 0616591 00 

Bio: Scott is a past student of TYC and an ex-professional ballet dancer. He performed with Hong Kong Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, Australian Opera, Footnote Dance Company to name a few and was also a teacher and examiner for the British Ballet Organisation in NZ and the UK.

Scott started his journey with yoga at 19 while dancing in Hong Kong. He has studied with T.K.V. Desikachar and Erich Schiffmann and holds certificates totaling over 1500 hours. He also studied Anatomy at New Zealand Acupuncture School.  To read more about Scott -please go to the Events page /workshops