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We call this class ‘Pink yoga’ becasue BCSS Tauranga help us to fund it.

These classes are designed for women whose lives have been affected by cancer and similar autoimmune diseases. They are designed to be  gentle and nurturing . Students are taught to breathe correctly and mindfully whilst gently stretching with awareness in order to build strength and stamina.

Often, when people are in pain, discomfort, or feeling stressed and mentally burdened, they unknowingly only breath from the upper chambers of the lungs (called apical breathing). This localised breathing limits the lung’s capacity to receive fresh oxygen and to remove carbon dioxide (waste product) of cellular metabolism.

Yoga helps us to ‘be in the present’ moment’ and this combined with conscious breathing assists in decreasing anxiety and fear.

Tauranga Yoga Centre provides a safe, supportive and fully equipped venue in which to practice yoga, together with a qualified teacher.

Classes are on Fridays –1-2.30pm

Cost: Gold coin donation 

Any questions or inquiries please call Sue on 022 350 3891.


This class is funded by Tauranga Yoga Centre and Breast Cancer support Services Tauranga

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