We love seeing our community enjoy the many benefits of yoga, which is why we’re dedicated to providing affordable classes throughout the week.

You’ll pay just $100 per term (that’s 12 weeks of unlimited yoga) OR $15 per casual class. Or you can purcahse a Concession card for $50 for 5 classes.  We also have a few yoga mats to hire for $1. We encourage people to purchase their own mat as this is your ‘sacred space’ for your practice.  

Please note: A General class is a more advanced class. If you are new to yoga we advise you attend beginner classes for a minimum of 9 mths  to 1 year -and/or discuss this with your teacher.

If you wish to pay a term fee online, please include your name and the term you are paying for in the reference field. Pay to TYC account no: 38 9004 0616591 00

Then, print the transaction receipt off and bring it to the centre when you next attend to show the teacher in attendance (or show the transaction to the teacher on your phone). 

TYC timetable term 

Term 1:    18 January –        11 April
Term 2:    12 April –             04 July
Term 3:    05 July –             26 September
Term 4:    27 September – 18  December

2021 Weekly Class Schedule

10.00am– 11.30am General; Lyn Bernard
1.00pm –  2.30pm Beginners; Tania Hanna
5.30pm –  7.00pm General; Curly West
7.15pm –  9.00pm Beginners Phillippa Sherry

9.00am – 10.30am Beginners; Lousie Thompson or Mollie Sanford on a 3 week roster
10.45am– 12.15pm General;  Lousie Thompson or Mollie Sanford on a 3 week roster
1.00pm –   2.30pm Beginner yin and restorative; Sue Furey
5.30pm –   7.00pm Ashtanga Led; Beginner to Experienced ; Tania Hanna
7.15pm –    8.30pm Intermediate; Karina Holdaway – a step up for beginners

9.15am –   10.45am  Pregnancy; Karen Waddicor  –.1Pregnancy TYC guidelines 17 .1

1.00pm –    2.30pm  General; Tania Hanna or Sue Furey (3 x weeks per teacher)
5.45pm –    7 15pm  Beginner; Duncan Catanach

7.30pm –     9.00pm General; Duncan Catanach

6.00am –    7.30am Astanga/Self Practice: No instructor
9.00am –   10.30am Beginners; Louise Thompson/Karen Waddicor

12.00pm –   1.00pm  General; Lyn Bernard

5.30pm –   7.00pm General; Mollie Sandford
7.30pm –   9.00pm Beginners; Tabitha Gwynne

9.15am  – 10.45am   General; Sue Furey
11.15am – 12.45pm   Beginners and deep relaxation; Brigid Macalister
5.30pm –   7.00pm    Ashtanga Mysore  ‘Led class’. This class is suitable for beginners and more experienced students ; Tania or Erika

7.15pm –  8.30pm  Restorative Yoga  – Tabitha Gwynne – Last Friday of the month

1.00pm – 2.30pm   Friday Pink Yoga Classes (Yoga for women who have or have had cancer) These classes are gentle classes, focused on learning to breathe correctly while increasing flexibility, building strength and reducing anxiety. Classes are designed to give women another tool to manage some of the physical, mental and emotional side effects of the diagnosis and treatments they may be going through, in a safe and secure sanctuary.

Saturday: 7.30 -9 -Rosterd instructors   2019. SAT.Roster 2021 SAT.Roster (Please note the instructor can change at short notice )

9.15am – 10.45am  Beginners; Louise Thompson

Props for sale
TYC has a selection of props for sale: bolsters; 100% cotton yoga blankets; mats (good quality ); straps; stretchy straps and blocks and eye bags 

Duration: 90 minutes

Beginners Yoga

About us
Duration: 120min Tania Hanna Level: medium

Ashtanga led/mysore

Duration: 90min Lyn Bernard Level: high

Experienced level