Friday Night Restorative classes in July: 5.30pm-6.45pm-12 & 26 July

Take some time to replenish your body/mind every fortnight with Tabitha. During a Restorative yoga sequence, we still stretch, but in a very gentle supported manner. We use props so that we can release tension and focus on the breath. This helps us to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for the rest/digest process). This can help us to combat that feeling of ‘overdrive’ that often drives our daily lives .Come along -5.30pm on  12 & 26 July

Namaste Tabitha

Bring a Friend to a class during Term 3. 1st July to 22 September

Word of mouth is the most successful form of Marketing.  We want to keep TYC’s fees affordable and to do this we need to increase our member numbers by about 40 people. To help achieve this -the “Bring a Friend to a Class” concept is being extended to run for all of Term 3. You can bring one friend to a class you attend and they get that One class for free. (Please be sure the class is level appropriate -as we do not want to discourage people.)  You may have a second friend you want to bring along -we just ask that you space these visits out please.

There will be a sign in sheet on the desk for the visitors.

Namaste TYC Committee

Register & pay for your Term 3 membership now. 1st July to 22 September 2024

This $130 membership entitles you to 12 x weeks of unlimited yoga at the Tauranga Yoga Centre for all of Term 3 .  Please register & pay via the website: Please go to: If you are new to yoga or returning after a long period, please begin by attending Beginner classes.