TYC’s Annual General Meeting will be held Thursday 25th March @ 7:15pm

All members are invited and encouraged to attend the AGM and the full Agenda with the order of business to be conducted -will be posted out next week.

One of the items to be presented to members for discussion and voting on, will be a motion to make some amendments to the TYC Consitution and in  line with this Committee must notify members of this motion 28 days prior to the AGM.

The TYC Committee and Executive committee have approved a motion that the following amendments be made to the TYC Constitution.

  • 12.0 Admission of Members: 
  • 12.1 To become a member, a person must : –

(a) Enter their personal details into the membership register or website;

(b) Supply any other information the Committee requires;

(c) Pay a term fee within the course of the relevant financial year, or

(d) Be granted life membership in respect of services to TYC, and are elected on recommendation of the Committee at any Annual General Meeting, or

(e) Be a Teacher with a current Individual Employment Contract to teach yoga for TYC. Teachers under this clause will be exempt from clause 12.1(c)

Amend: Pay a term fee within the course of the relevant financial year to Pay a current term fee or a current annual fee, the remainder of the clause remains unchanged

The reason for this amendment is:

To clarify the process for becoming a TYC member. The current wording suggests only one term fee needs to be paid within a financial year to be a TYC member whereas the intent is that to be a current member a current fee needs to have been paid. The current wording is also confusing as TYC’s financial year is not the same as a Calendar year.

  1. 20.0. Assurance of the Financial Statements:  

20.2 Once every three years, or more frequently at the discretion of the Committee, the Annual Accounts must be audited by a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants who must not be a member or employee of TYC. This is a minimum requirement. The auditor is to prepare an audit report and if satisfied the Annual Accounts are true and correct to the best of their knowledge, prepare a report for presentation to the Annual General Meeting.

Amend : three to five years, the remainder of the clause remains unchanged

The reason for this amendment is:

Currently TYC undertakes a very thorough, multi-pronged annual review process. A number of online templates are completed by the Operations Manager and separate online templates are completed by the TYC Treasurer. These cover all aspects of the business delving into both income and expenses, also into due processes and any differences that may have occurred between the current and the previous year. The TYC committee minutes and reports are also submitted and reviewed.

A Financial Performance Report is then prepared by a Chartered Accountant. This draft is then checked by an independent Auditor. If there are inconsistencies and/or mistakes the Auditor requests clarification and where necessary changes. The TYC committee then reviews the Financial Performance Reprrt and signs off the Auditors final report.

The committee feels this process adequately ensures accountability and transparency and the extra costs involved of a full Audit are only justified every 5 years.

TYC Committee

Registering and paying for Term 1

Please remeber to re-register for your Term 1 TYC membership by going to https://taurangayoga.org.nz/memberships/.

You can pay via online banking or credit card or by cash at the centre, after the registration process has been completed.

Just paying online into the TYC bank account does not reactivate your membership at TYC

Once your order is finalised and you have recieved your receipt & member no- you can show this to the teacher when you attend your first class.



2021 Term dates.

TYC will reopen on 18th January 2021. Terms will be 12 weeks long .

Term dates – 2021:

  • 18/01/21 to 11/04/21
  • 12/04/21 to 04/07/21
  • 05/07/21 to 26/09/21
  • 27/09/21 to 19 /12/21

Please view the class timetable online via TYC website .