Theres still a few places left for the ‘Stress Managment Workshop’ with Stefan, 25 May, 1.00 to 3.30pm, $35

1.00 to 3.30pm:  Cost  $35 . 

Insidious stress disrupts our sleep, spawns negative thoughts, and even alters our breathing, thus affecting our overall well-being and health. Yoga proves to be a powerful solution, supported by hundreds of scientific studies. Join us to explore these benefits through techniques targeting specific muscles and nerves (dynamic sequences, rooted postures, mindful breathing, and deep relaxation) and discover the keys to releasing tension and cultivating serenity. Unlock inner peace and make yoga a pillar of your lifestyle hygiene!

  To register, please email:  –  Pre-pay to account number: 38 9004 0616591 00 Ref: Stefan.

Restoring harmony between mind and body to favor serenity. More info: visit

Your instructor, Stefan, has a profound passion for yoga and is certified by the European Union of Yoga. He draws inspiration from renowned figures like Desikachar and Kalu Rinpoche. Over the last decade, Stefan has been teaching yoga and meditation and organising retreats all over France. His overall holistic approach aims to nurture the body, breath, and mind, offering transformative classes for a wide audience.



Friday Night Restorative -5.30pm-6.45pm-24 May & 14 June

Take some time to replenish your body/mind every fortnight with Tabitha. During a Restorative yoga sequence, we still stretch, but in a very gentle supported manner. We use props so that we can release tension and focus on the breath. This helps us to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for the rest/digest process). This can help us to combat that feeling of ‘overdrive’ that often drives our daily lives .

Come along -5.30pm on 10 & 24 May, 14 June & 28 June

Namaste Tabitha and TYC committee

Thankyou to everyone for their blanket folding mindfulness.

Saucha,  the first of the niyamas, is loosely translated as purity or sometimes as cleanliness. It’s about purity of energy, in our own home space and our yoga home. It’s about the way we organise and maintain our space. That is saucha in action – the recognition that everything has it’s place and there is a place for everything. How we leave the yoga space -is how the next student finds it.

How we fold our body matters and how we use and fold our blankets matters. We learn how important it is just to stand (Tadasana)and sit (Dandasana). This is not about the ‘perfect’ pose its about self care and self awareness. Intention and attention matters –‘form matters’.

So thank you for being tidy, for not walking on another students mat, for cleaning up behind you and for parking carefully.

Namaste. TYC Committee



Saturday Roster for both classes from 4 May

With Scott departing for new adventures we have put together a Roster for some of the year. The second half year  roster  will be posted once its filled up


Rostered dates

Stefan:      4 May

Christine: 11 May

Stefan:     18 May

Christine:  25 May

Stefan:       01 June

Christine   08 June

Mollie        15 June

Sue :          22 June

Mollie        29 June

Louise       06 July

Kat              13 July

Christine    20 July

Mollie          27 July


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Parking around TYC

Namaste. Please park only in front of (2 cars deep) or around the TYC building if at all possible. Please park with awareness -so we can fit as many cars in there as possible.  If there’s no-one using the Arts and Crafts centre you can park there. Do not park outside the Legion of Frontiersman building. They now have a parking warden who is operating day and night -and you will incur a $95 fine for parking there.     

TYC committee