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Timely reminders of TYC yoga etiquette


“A reminder yogis as we head into warmer months, please be mindful that your “scent may not be as appealing to others as you think.  To transition to your mat from a long working day, it may be prudent to utilise our shower facilities beforehand.

Coming to our mat in this way we are observing the first Niyama (the 2nd limb of our yoga path), Saucha (cleanliness).

Niyamas are duties directed towards ourselves, but can also be considered with our actions towards the outside world.

Also -as pretty as  beading & sequins may be on clothes -they are often found on the carpet after class and can be sharp when stood on -especially the glass ones. Please don’t wear them in a class.


TYC operations


TYC is looking for a someone who does Floor Sanding?

Do we have anyone amongst our members who does floor sanding and/or do you know anyone you could recommend ?  The deck at TYC needs sanding and then priming.  Please call 0223503891 or email info@taurangayoga.org.nz if you can help.