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Agenda for AGM -27th March @ 7.30pm. All members are welcome & encouraged to attend

Each year at the AGM  we elect our Officers  Committee members and Executive Committee.  This year  we will need to appoint a new secretary and one or two new members.

Committee meets once per month on a Wednesday evening at 7:30pm at TYC. Meetings are typically 1.5 to 2hrs long. This is a voluntary position and its not onerous, but it is rewarding.

Want to know more about what being the secretary and/or a committee member means ?-Please contact Sue on 0223503891

Mindfulness and Self -Inquiry workshop with Glen Callahan Sat 2 March 12-2pm

Manage your attention: Deepen your practice: Move into stillness.  Mindfulness is effortless attention management. Self inquiry brings us closer to our true Self.  This workshop will delve into the practice for both. No prior experience necessary.

We will cover : What are mindfulness and self -inquiry? Why practice? What are we looking for? How and where do we look. Q & A.

When: Saturday March 2nd

Time: 12-2.00pm

Where: Tauranga Yoga Centre 173 Elizabeth St West

Cost $45

To register please email  info@taurangayoga.org.nz then pay to TYC acc 38 9004 0616591 00 or go to https://taurangayoga.org.nz/workshops-2/ to register and pay

Glen Callahan is the founder of Alight Coaching-personal development coach and workshop facilitator. Glen studied Vendanta philosophy in India for 8 years and taught yoga there for six. He co-founded the non profit Vedanta institute in LA in 2014, completed  an ICF -accredited coaching certificate in 202o and returned to NZ to found Alright Coaching.

His work integrates the ancient philosophical tradition of Vedanta with cotemporary coaching modalities.



TYC Etiquette –Please read!

Namaste to all New and not so new members/casuals:  Here are a few things we can do to help create a peaceful and welcoming yoga space for all:

· Arrive early – Yoga is a time to honour your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Don’t short-change yourself by showing up late. Out of respect for your instructor and your fellow students, arrive a few minutes early and get settled. And remember, if your class is popular numbers may be limited for safety reasons.

· Enjoy every moment – Please stay for the full length of your class and if this is not possible, please let the teacher know before class.

· Choose the right class for you – A beginner class is for people new to yoga, less regular practitioners, those looking for a more gentle practice or returning after a period away from practice or after an injury/illness. An intermediate /experienced class is for people with at least one year’s experience who practice regularly.

· Park wisely – Please use the TYC parking spots (not our neighbours!) and park cars close together. It’s also helpful to leave quickly after busy classes to allow incoming yogis to find a space. Try to carpool, ride a bike, or park further away and walk to your next yoga class!

· Get comfy – Slip off your shoes at the door and wear modest, comfortable clothing to class.

· Keep things tidy – Please return equipment after every class – fold blankets and stack blocks neatly.

· Mind your scent – Please pay attention to your personal hygiene before stepping onto your mat and avoid wearing strong perfumes as people may be sensitive or allergic to certain scents.

· First time? Please let us know if you’re new to yoga, have any injuries, if you’re pregnant or have a medical condition. Practice safely and keep an eye on fellow yogis too.

· Watch the windows and ropes – Keep in mind windows shouldn’t be used as support during yoga practice and if you’re using the rope wall make sure you have direction from a teacher.

· Share the space – Make room for your fellow yogis, avoid stepping on mats and respect the quiet.

· No phone zone Truly devote yourself to practice and turn off your phone or leave it in the car unless you’re using it to show the teacher your purchase .

· Use the changing rooms – Please keep your car keys, water bottles and extra clothing off the kitchen bench, reception desk or floor. They’ll be safe in our changing rooms.

· Yoga is a discipline – Please respect and follow your teacher’s instructions. Feel free to ask questions after class and during – but keep chatter to a minimum.

· We love kids but… it’s not appropriate to bring children to classes. We welcome older secondary school students and full fees apply.

· Pair work is up to you – We often work in pairs to enhance learning but it’s not compulsory. Please let your teacher know if it’s not your thing and they’ll find an alternative posture for you.

· Hands-on help – As well as verbal instructions, your teacher may give a ‘hands on assist’ to help you gain a deeper understanding of an asana (pose). If you’re not comfortable with this practice please tell your teacher before the class. Have Fun!

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Parking around TYC

Namaste. Please park only in front of (2 cars deep) or around the TYC building if at all possible. Please park with awareness -so we can fit as many cars in there as possible.  If there’s no-one using the Arts and Crafts centre you can park there. Do not park outside the Legion of Frontiersman building. They now have a parking warden who is operating day and night -and you will incur a $95 fine for parking there.     

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