Welcome to the Tauranga Yoga Centre

Located in Tauranga City, the Tauranga Yoga Centre (TYC) has been bringing yoga classes to your community since 1972. We are an Incorporated Society registered with the Charities Services and NZ Companies Office -Trusts & Societies and governed by an elected committee. As such we encourage people to become members of  TYC to in order to benefit from our non profit status.

TYC constitution and appendix. TYC Constitution with new clauses 2024-TYC constitiution. with.Dis Res.22.3.23

Our Vision

To offer our community affordable yoga classes to enable as many people as possible to become members and discover the benefits and joy of a regular yoga practice.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and welcoming environment for members and casual students to practice yoga.
To ensure that our teachers are professional, trained to an appropriate standard, and to ensure TYC remains not aligned to any one yoga practice or philosophy.

The premises are light and spacious premises are well equipped, the teachers are wonderful, experienced  and qualified. Offering a full range of yoga classes and yoga workshops, the centre attracts and welcomes a wide range of ages and abilities. Please note: From time to time the TYC Management Committee may deem it necessary to cancel scheduled class.  Notification of these cancellations will be made.

The benefits of Yoga

• Release stress and tension from mind and body
• Improve your balance, flexibility and overall posture
• Preparation for birth
• Increase your ability to concentrate and be patient
• Learn to breathe well and mindfully

The classes range from beginner to experienced. A variety of workshops are also offered. If you are new to yoga your teacher will guide you every step of the way. Please feel comfortable knowing that we cater for all ability levels.

Students are encouraged at all times to work at their own pace and at their own level. Anyone who wishes to practice yoga will be able to practice it in some fashion. Our yoga teachers always demonstrate alternative poses to ensure everyone can participate in the class.

Each instructor has their own style allowing students to find an approach that best suits them. From time to time, visiting instructors offer another dimension to the center’s varied programme.

We love seeing our community enjoy the many benefits of yoga, which is why we’re dedicated to providing affordable classes throughout the week.

Register and pay just $130 to become a TYC member and attend 12 weeks of unlimited yoga. Or $20 per casual class (for non-members), 0r you can purchase a Concession Card for $70 for 5 classes

In conjunction with BCSS Tauranga, TYC has a class every Friday 1pm for women who have had any form of cancer or auto immune disease.  This is a ‘gold coin’ donation class and you are welcome to bring a support person.  Please call 0223503891 if you have any questions.

To register for TYC membership click you apply online.(This information will be updated in 2022)  Once this process is complete you will receive a member number with the confirmation of payment. Simply login to renew your membership each term to keep your membership active. Alternatively, you can purchase an annual membership.

You can pay with direct banking or credit card (There is a $3.65 charge for using a credit card.)

Casual (drop in students) are welcome and can register for a class and pay online via the website  AND then show the transaction to the teacher .

We advise that you arrive in plenty of time to secure your spot in a class. For health and safety reasons teachers can choose to limit class numbers. Coming in late and leaving early can disturb your fellow students, so we ask that you arrive early and stay for the entire class.

If you are new to yoga -then please attend beginner classes for at least 2 terms before going to more advanced levels.

TYC emergency evacuation plan: Emergency procedures

TYC health & safety statement: 2020 health and safety statement

TYC health & safety policy procedures: 2020 health and safety policy and procedures

Pregnancy Guidelines: Pregnancy guidelines

To find out more, please get in touch with the Tauranga Yoga Centre on 022 350 3891 or email info@taurangayoga.org.nz

Our History

TYC was opened in 1975 and it evolved from a group of yoga teachers who gave yoga lessons in the community for a door fee. Their aim was to bring the benefits of yoga to as many people as possible.

One of the founding members Don Ayres stated at that time, “New Zealand has been very slow to accept yoga. Many still believe it is just a mystical art”. The teachers sought to dispel this myth.

The lessons were held at the old St John’s Ambulance Hall and St Peters Church Hall on Cameron Road. The decision was made to fund-raise for a purpose built facility. Teachers gave classes voluntarily, had massage days with teachers donated their time and they held handcraft and cake stalls in Red Square. All the income from these pursuits was saved and  eventually there was enough money for a deposit for the Centre. During this period there was an enormous sense of community spirit and goodwill. With much time and effort they met, discussed and consulted to realise this aim. A bank loan was gained for the building and land leased from the Tauranga City Council for a small annual rental.

And so the Tauranga Yoga Centre was built. The deck was built by those founding members and during weekends, they continued to contribute to furnish the Centre by way of ongoing projects over numerous Saturdays. They made and hung curtains and glued carpet squares together to cover the floor and even props were made. There was much fun, laughter and a great sense of mutual purpose and camaraderie existed along with a knowledge that this project was contributing to the health and spiritual wealth of the community. Members of the wider community also responded and contributed to the Centre e.g. the carpet consisted of sample patches from Greerton Furnishings.

The Centre started with approximately 30 members and the Founding members included: Robin & Don Ayres; Noeline Shiels; Mac Ensor; Hilda Pinfolds; Lyn Bernard; Audrey Prole; Terry Janes; Pat Combes; Murial Harvey; Marcus Wilson; Val Pitcher; Mrs Bartlett and Marilyn Waddicor.

Even in those early days it was decided that the Centre should not be aligned to any particular kind of yoga. This holds with the Yoga Centre’s philosophy which values and encourages teacher’s and student’s freedom to explore, with no adherence to a particular form of yoga. This, to our knowledge, is unique to the Tauranga Yoga Centre.

The purpose of the Centre, to offer yoga to the community for a minimal cost, prevails and a voluntary committee continues to run the Yoga Centre. The momentum from those early times has continued and from a membership of ~105 in 1985 – 40  years later we now have a membership of approximately 450 members and 400 + casuals registering per term. The Tauranga Yoga Centre continues to thrive.

PS: some tid bits from 1975 

  • No Waikareo Expressway existed at that time and water would lap under the building.
  • There was a Football Club across the road – other buildings came much later.

Archives reveal some interesting facts:

  • Steel drum request for back bends 1987
  • Honorarium paid in 1985 – $200/year for teachers.
  • Activities 1966-1972 included yoga classes for housewives.
  • In 1987 – a freak whirlwind blew a shed from the Youth Hostel on to the Yoga Centre roof.

TYC today